Unite Home Groups


In the book of Acts, immediately after the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit that touched the city of Jerusalem, we see not only was the Church birhted, but God gave strategy and wisdom for sustained growth.They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer...and the Lord added to their number daily those who were being save. - Acts 2:42-47 . Here we can clearly see some pivotal truths established for the advancement of the church. The Word must be preached, there must be opportunities for fellowship, prayer is key, remembering, understanding and participating in the body of Jesus Christ is imperitive.

Further to that we see that the Church grew through the vision of house groups resulting in the establishment of local churches and later on, apostolic centers. Looking at successful church movements and season of church growth, we will see that the home group vision, whatever we may call it, is one of the factors. Capstone Church has a similar story in which the church was birthed as a house church, which grew into the movement that is today. We have sought God's wisdom on how to successfully birth a local church that is Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, passionate and growing.

One of the challenges we faced was as the church grew, due care cannot be given from the pulpit on a Sunday alone. The Unite Home Group is a God-given approach through which Capstone Church will lead people into gospel-centered, mission-based, community living. Our groups get together fortnightly. They take place in various forms and usually meet in homes, coffee shops or restaurants. Unite Groups are a way for you to find a place where you belong, connect and share life with others.

Speaking to our Pastors and Leadership team:

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